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About ScIoN Photography

ScIoN is a former Systems Engineer in Japan who specialized in industrial imaging and digital hardware design. He is now back in the Philippines pursuing graduate studies in Finance at the University of the Philippines - Diliman.

Currently doing freelance photography specializing in:
- editorial shots
- on location portraiture
- fashion/glamour
- events - exhibits

Cheap Thrill

Finally, first term for my graduate studies have started and it has been keeping me busy, plus some day trading (stocks) on the side.

Coming from an engineering background I need a lot of catching up to do, especially in the realm of economics and accounting. I could not even find my old trusty scientific calculator (Sharp) and so I had to look for a new buddy for my computing needs.

Doing some research, I learned that if ever I am to take the CFA certification in the future, there are only 2 types of calculators allowed:  HP 12C and the TI BA2.  These calculators do not come cheap.

Thanks to e-commerce sites (, I was able to get a good deal on a slightly used HP 12C.  A brand new one could have cost me Php5,000 but luckily I got this one for just Php800!  HP has been enjoying profits with the HP12C, which has been in the market for more or less 20 years now!  Truly, an industry standard for finance professionals.  I still could not believe its price tag at php5k, even beating modern graphing calculators.

And so I met up with my contact who came all the way to Pampanga just to sell his calculator.  Originally, it was priced at Php1500 but immediately offered me Php800.  The only downside for this trade was that I had to wait for 2 hours.  Meeting time was supposed to be 2pm, he arrived at 4.  Still, 2 hours is not bad as I have saved more than Php4,000! :)


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3 Responses to “Cheap Thrill”

  1. Amada Velten says:

    Great blog, good luck and have fun author.

  2. Will says:

    I’m glad you dropped by my blog and left a comment as I’m really glad to see your portfolio and find out about your time in Japan and see your great portraits and your entries in photo exhibitions. You really do have a very good portfolio, whether it be your posed portraits, travel pics or even street life. I’ll be back again soon to admire more.

    Thanks again


  3. KenX Reyes says:

    Nice HP12C find. I will scour for it when I get home in March.

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